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About the National Association for Poetry Therapy

For the past 30 years, NAPT members have forged a community of healers and lovers of words and language. We are psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists. We are poets, journal keepers, storytellers, and songwriters. We are teachers, librarians, adult educators, and university professors. We are doctors, nurses, occupational/ recreational therapists; ministers, pastoral counselors, and spiritual directors. We are artists, dancers, dramatists, musicians, and writers.

We work in many settings where people deal with personal and communal pain and the search for growth. As poetry therapists, we use all forms of literature and the language arts, and we are united by our love of words, and our passion for enhancing the lives of others and ourselves.

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Join Us at the 2014 NAPT Annual Conference
NAPT's 2014 conference will be held April 24-27 at the beautiful Franciscan Renewal Center of Scottsdale, Arizona. The theme of the conference will be Oasis in the Southwest: Reflection and Renewal through Expressive Writing and Poetry.

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Where and How is Poetry Therapy Used?
Could you or the population that you serve benefit from the healing power of words? Poetry therapy is one of the Expressive Arts Therapies, which include art, music, drama, psychodrama and dance therapy. We would like to extend to you the services of NAPT's trained poetry therapists. Please download our Integrative Medicine Packet (PDF), which details how poetry therapy is used with various populations.

A Message to Our Members

We are committed to providing you the service you deserve as a member of the National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT). We appreciate you and want to encourage you to communicate with us! Please contact our Administrator via e-mail at

Thank you for being a member of NAPT. We look forward to serving you this membership year.

Has your contact information changed? If so, please send all changes of address, phone, e-mail, etc., to our Administrator at



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